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From the Prologue...


       In the late 1960s I was a small-town sheriff with two boys. I was divorced a few years and had just remarried a wonderful woman, who as I later learned, was now pregnant. The Viet Nam war was becoming the most important factor in US international policy, and the draft had started. 

I decided that I’d rather chose my path, and so I thought to enlist as a Marine. I could be an MP, and I had originally intended to train to become an FBI agent after the war. I went into basic training in Parris Island in the winter of 1968, and shipped overseas by the spring of 1969. 

       While in basic training, I met two men who became instrumental to the rest of my life. Bill and Jake became my closest friends in this world, and the three of us remained close until both of their deaths. Although I didn’t know at the time of our early friendship, Jake’s father had a unique business, one which always required he be on the lookout for people with a certain skill set. It turns out that, per Jake’s recommendations, Papa had started looking into me and my background as a person of such skill set. 

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Some of the missions portrayed in Book 2 include: "Chanel No. 5" where an amateur female agent goes up against Papa, and doesn't fare so well; "Killer Cold" where Papa and his crew of 7 crash land in Antarctica; "The Pit" where Papa is kidnapped and left for dead in an abandoned mine shaft for 17 days; "Host to Ghost" where Papa took a week off to travel in Transylvania, and had a friend cater his experience to one of a real Spooktacular week in Bran.

These are just some of the chapters in Book 2, available now!

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Book 1

From Italian "Holiday"...

We flew by night just across the border into Italy and jumped out of a C-130, fully packed, into a dense forest, hoping to land in a clearing--which we did with the exception of Nancy. She got tangled in a lower tree branch just off the clearing, and I had a helluva time trying to find her in the dark, since she couldn't call out. Instead, we each carried a low whistle. Nancy would blow the whistle, but it would echo. I simply couldn't get a good bearing on her. Finally, Jake and I determined which way it was coming from and we were standing at the edge of the trees. Jake whispered, "where in the hell is she?" I replied that I didn't know. About that time we heard a little whisper, "look up, dammit!" Jake being Jake, whispered to her, "God, I wish you had a dress on!" I wanted to die with laughter. Nancy called him an asshole.

We cut her down, hid the chutes in the trees, and started our trek to where our other supplies were hidden. By compass, we figured we were about three miles from our prey--pretty good for jumping at night. After verifying that all of our supplies were good to go, we proceeded in the direction of the killers who were holed up in a small town. As we neared, daylight was dawning.  While getting our bearings, we noticed several policemen and made certain that they didn't see us. We walked down cobblestone streets and alleyways, staying off the main roads, until we found the target house. 

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