Reviews of Book 1

From the Midwest Book Review

“This isn't a world most ordinary individuals know about. Readers may hold mixed feelings at discovering its existence; but one thing is certain: the blend of different cases and assignments, tense action, and fine reflection on not just heart-stopping moments but how they affect everything in Papa's life makes for fascinating reading that's hard to put down.”  

Readers of thrillers, mysteries, and crime and espionage stories will find few can compete with the real-world encounters of Papa as he walks a delicate line between disaster and success in all facets of his life, making Code Name: Papa a top recommendation and a standout across many genres. It's quite simply a compelling, riveting page-turner from beginning to end.”

(D. Donovan, Sr. Reviewer, Midwest Book Review, Sept. 2016 issue)



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From the A.P. Editor

"Right off the bat, your book has a “cool factor.” You present a secret-agent vibe, a man of mystery and danger. For bonus points, it’s an autobiography, so you have instant credibility. You’re not just an armchair James Bond wannabe, fantasizing about the things you describe. You’re honest-to-God covert ops, and the stories you tell are the stuff of spy thrillers."


“This is a beautiful book that brings in the opaque world of international espionage…

I would say the biographical component make the book even more compelling because, as you read, you stop to think that Papa has really dealt with all this, and you wonder how the incidents could have happened, but then you find the answer in the book, interspersed by the story of his life of a past steeped in mystery, espionage, international intrigue and secret operations.

The right ingredients are all there, and I think it would make even a good movie that puts you ahead of the harsh reality and the world, of that hidden and sneaky world, where a few move the threads of all.

Overall a nice book which explains what and how many sacrifices especially in private life has to be given for those who commit such an operational choice and all this will emerge in an unprecedented gripping tale without a single superfluous line, and the tension of the story and the reader's participation is not diminished even for a second.”

EMMABOOKS, Book Blogger, USA

“I found this a fascinating, if very disturbing, book. I would recommend it to everyone, to learn about a world out there that most of us have no idea about. However the book is describing a team of highly committed and hard hitting people who carry out assignments without question. Much of the action described is more scary than any fictional thriller, and may cause you to question that creak you hear downstairs in the dead of night!”

Charity Andrews , NetGalley & Goodreads

“So...when's the last time you read a book that makes you wonder if someone is going to hunt you down for knowing what's in it? Ask me! The answer is: JUST NOW!!!!!! Dude, you want to read a book that will make the hair on the back of your neck just stand straight up? Read this.

Code Name: Papa (My Extraordinary Life While Hiding in Plain Sight), is a book that you won't want to put down. Talk about Navy SEALs on steroids! Holy Cow. "John Murray's" memoir is one you won't want to miss.” 


“I became totally absorbed by these people and their fight to protect the public, I was hooked almost instantly.  The author has a natural voice for telling his stories and it shows on the page.  It doesn't come across as anything other than what it is and that's a soldier/spy telling his story. Which is definitely a refreshing change.  No rubbish, no political correctness gone mad and no bull crap.  It's all about the truth of the job, both the success and failure it's brought.  I totally recommend reading this book. If you enjoy spies and assassins in your fiction. Or if you enjoy a good thriller. Then this is for you.  It's a life you have to read about to believe and I am really looking forward to the next chapter. It's that good.”