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Book 2 now Available

Code Name: Papa Books 1 and 2

Now bringing you a second installment of the true crime books, stories of Vietnam Vet John Murray as he worked for, and then ran, a top-level covert organization from the 1970s until about 10 years ago.

While it is not at all necessary to start with Book 1, it may give an interested reader a more complete picture of how John became a covert operative. However, Book 2 was written with a new partner, Gemma Burgess,  and was designed to stand alone.  Together, Gemma and John have tried to give readers the full picture of a real life covert operative. 

John did not work directly for the US Government, the CIA, or the FBI, however, he occasionally worked in connection with these groups, and always had his work sanctioned by either the US or another friendly, Western Government before undertaking any mission.